How to Improve Common Symptoms

How to Improve Common Symptoms

Our body consists of a connected chain that functions in all 3 dimensions of movement which consists of the sagittal plane, frontal plane, and transverse plane ROM. 

  1. Sagittal plane- like a saw, forward and back 
  2. Frontal Plane- like a pendulum, side to side
  3. Transverse plane- anything rotational

When using a functional approach to balance the relationship of strength and mobility, we can look at the design of the body and address physiological needs with an alternating system of movement and stability

  1. Foot/Ankle= Mobility
  2. Knee= Stability
  3. Hip= Mobility
  4. Lumbar Spine= Stability
  5. Thoracic Spine/Shoulder= Mobility
  6. Cervical Spine= Stability

REMOVE is based on 4 core principles of function

  1. Movement- 3 dimensional self myofascial release, flexibility and movement strategies to improve functional range of motion
  2. Neuromuscular- 3 dimensional neuromuscular connection to allow for proper muscular firing and proprioceptive input
  3. Mostablity- 3 dimensional movement to provide stability in newly found range of motion
  4. Strength/Explosiveness/Endurance- 3 dimensional resisted movement to promote strength and reduce fatigue

Stay tuned for more informational content on improving common symptoms at home. 


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