Purpose of Self MyoFascial Release

Purpose of Self MyoFascial Release

We know that the majority of injuries and musculoskeletal pain syndromes aren't impact traumas, but arise through overuse. Overuse is not exclusive to activity; this overuse term can be used with “inactivity” such as chronic postural considerations. Posture is not just how you sit in your chair, posture relates to function such as running posture, sleeping posture, workout posture, driving posture, all and many more can have an impact on function and symptoms. 

We all deal with our own body’s imbalances. Reducing the imbalances will help to improve function, biomechanics, and how chain reactions occur to properly disperse the physiological stressors on your body. 

Some positive effects:

  1. Reducing myofascial adhesions, 
  2. Reduce effects of trigger points and sore muscles, 
  3. Reduce chronic pain and improving relaxation,
  4. Promotes circulation (blood flow)
  5. Provides improved flexibility
  6. Accelerates warmups and recovery, and the list goes on…

 Utilize RE-MOVE's Self-Recovery products to help you treat and manage your sore muscles. 

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