Adductors (explained)

Adductors (explained)

By Dr. Wayne Huber

What’s up movers!

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most under appreciated muscle groups of the body. 

The adductors, otherwise known as the groin muscles. Adductors are located on the inside of our thighs. Activation of these muscles “add” the leg towards the midline.

This muscle group is critically important to overall hip, lower extremity function as well as bottom up chain reaction that can produce issues with the middle and lower back region. 

Weakness, and/or restricted range of motion can produce a wide variety of symptoms and biomechanical errors producing spinal, hip, knee, foot and ankle complaints and even the shoulders. 

Without having the ability to open the hips in the frontal plane, the body must make up this limitation somewhere else producing increased physiological stressors to other body regions. 

The adductor’s have strong implications with frontal plane movement such as Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, just about any sport which includes side to side movement. 

Additionally, restricted adductors can even lead to increased stressors on the shoulders with activities such as golf and especially overhead athletes. 

However, the adductors are also critically important for proper gait. Lack of adequate range of motion will prevent proper frontal plane movement of the hips and pelvis, which in turn disrupts the normal biomechanics of the gait with walking or running.

At Re-Move, we provide the strategies to utilize self care therapies to mind your own body “role players.” Whether it be lacrosse balls, vibration rollers, mini bands, power bands, slides, ect that you can use to police your body's society. Re-Move not only provides the tools for this self therapy, we also provide the education to properly use whether its recovery, strength, or endurance. 


Get out there and Re-Move today!


Author: Wayne Huber DC CSP FAFS.  Not only has Wayne Huber DC CSP FAFS been in practice for over 21 years focusing on biomechanics, he has been working with athletes from all levels from the 4 year

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