RE-MOVE Vibration Roller Strategies and Demonstrations

RE-MOVE Vibration Roller Strategies and Demonstrations

Relieve muscle pain and rid yourself of unwanted tension by utilizing these vibration rolling strategies instructed by Dr. Wayne Huber. The RE-MOVE Vibration Roller will help you take your foam rolling to the next level. It's design contains 3 main components:

1. Vibration - With 4 different speed settings, the RE-MOVE Vibration Roller helps to speed up recovery. The vibration effect provides the ultimate massage your muscles and allows you to unlock those tight trigger points. You'll never go back to a basic foam roller after utilizing the RE-MOVE Vibration Roller.

2. Peanut Shape - The double ball shape was designed to avoid rolling on your bones and spine. The RE-MOVE Vibration Roller contours perfectly to your muscles, so you can obtain a deeper massage and avoid bruising bones. You'll instantly notice how much better the RE-MOVE Vibration Roller hits all of your tight spots!

3. Grippy Surface - The rubber ridges of the RE-MOVE Vibration Roller help to grip the skin and dig deeper into your muscles. The grippy surface maximizes the power of the vibration by grabbing the skin on every roll. The RE-MOVE Vibration Roller is most effective when utilized directly on the skin.

Check out the following demonstrations from Dr. Wayne Huber on how to open up every part of your body with the RE-MOVE Vibration Roller:


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