Pull-up Assist

Struggle to do 10 pull-ups? Struggle doing 1 pull-up? Utilizing RE-MOVE's Power Bands will allow you to increase your pull-up capability. Tying the band to a bar and placing the band underneath your knee or foot, provides added force against gravity to make your pull-up easier. The stronger the band, the more added force you'll have, and the more pull-ups you will do. Performing pull-ups with the Power Bands on a regular basis will allow you to build the muscle required to increase your pull-up capabilities. 


RE-MOVE Power Resistance Bands

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The RE-MOVE Resistance Power Band Set allow you to build strength and endurance anywhere, anytime. Our Bands are made of natural rubber with 4 different color-coded resistance levels: Red (5-30 lbs); Black (10-60 lbs); Purple (30-80 lbs); and Green (50-125 lbs). Also included: 2 handles, 2 carabiner clips, and a door stop.

You can use them individually, combine multiple bands, or use them in conjunction with standard weight equipment to perform chest presses, bicep curls, and overhead extensions. The unparalleled versatility of RE-MOVE Power Bands let you adapt squats, push-ups and upper body workouts that once required a gym and a workout partner for safety. 


  • Varying RESISTANCE levels - the Power Bands provide a variety of resistance levels, ranging from 3 to 170 lbs. of resistance. Strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in your body without burdening tendons, joints and bones.
  • COMPACT AND VERSATILE so you can keep your workouts on-track anywhere. RE-MOVE Power Bands fit discreetly into your bag so no more need for heavy, expensive workout equipment. 
  • EASY TO USE in any commercial or home gym. Use them singly or together for physical therapy, strength training and core exercises. Enhance flexibility and stamina without learning complex new exercises.
  • SNAP-RESISTANT and eco-friendly natural rubber bands require no spotter. Perform horizontal chest press, biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions safely on your own, anytime and anywhere.