RE-MOVE Booty Band

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Get it RIGHT and get it TIGHT with the RE-MOVE Booty Band. The RE-MOVE Booty Band allows you to get a serious Booty Pump anywhere, anytime. With our Non-Slip fabric technology, the band will never slide up your legs when performing difficult exercises. If you want that Beyoncé booty, then the RE-MOVE Booty Band is for you! 

Product Features

  • Non-Slip - Our high-quality Booty Bands combine premium poly-cotton technology with soft, durable fabric. A thickened inner layer with non-slip latex piping keeps it from slipping, rolling or breaking.
  • Exercise Versatility - Our Booty Bands can be used for numerous exercises including: squats, lunges, bridges, donkey kicks, monster walks, fire hydrants, more. 
  • Specifications 3.2" width - Circumference 29" - color Gray