About Us

Founders, Will and Dr. Wayne

Founders, Will and Dr. Wayne

Our mission to inspire the re-evaluation of movement so people can live healthier and happier lives. We've designed our products to help people achieve their fitness goals, and it is our hope that we play a role in you achieving yours. Our products have been designed based on the mobility, strength, and recovery strategies of Dr. Wayne Huber, DC CSP FAFS FMR and the RE-MOVE Performance Team. Our goal is to not only supply clients with first-class training equipment, but also to educate them on how to best utilize our products to maximize their body's potential.

Proudly headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, USA.

Our Team

Dr. Wayne Huber DC CSP FAFS FMR

Dr Wayne Huber has been in practice for over 21 years. Over the years, he has gained several certifications including chiropractic sports physician, year long fellowship in biomechanics, kinesiotaping certifications and numerous other certifications as well. He is a partner at ActiveSpine, clinics that he started in 2005. Additionally, Dr. Huber serves as a clinical instructor at USD/Sanford Medical School for the past 3 years in the department of family medicine specifically to address chronic pain issues.

As far as clinical experiences, in addition to over 21 years clinical experience, Dr “Dub” has served as the sports medicine director of Team USA Beach Volleyball for over 3 years as well as also been blessed to travel internationally with Team USA Beach Volleyball for the past 10 years as a sports medicine provider including the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Dr. Dub has also been a part of the sport medicine team for various football teams and Universities for 20+ years providing his athletic assessment diversity to many different sports and activities.

My practice is based on function and enabling my patients how to move and function better with
■ 3 Dimensional movement and stretching patterns
■ Daily self soft tissue mobilization strategies
■ Muscular activation to reduce imbalances that life brings us
■ And most importantly, improve how the body effectively disperses the physiological stressors of gravity, movement and life.

I have been encouraging use of at home therapy products in my practice for many years. My goal has always been to teach and enable my patients to perform self care strategies and hygiene to their muscular, skeletal, and fascial structures on a daily basis, no different than we do for proper hygiene for our teeth by brushing at least 2x per day

RE-MOVE provides tools and movement strategies for anyone of all ages, and all fitness ranges, to enable them to perform necessary tasks for movement hygiene that can and should be performed on a regular basis.

It's all in the name. RE-MOVE has so many definitions.
RE-MOVE- Re-evaluate your movement
RE-MOVE- Start moving again
RE-MOVE- Remove muscular adhesions
RE-MOVE- Remove the soreness in muscles
RE-MOVE- Remove the myofascial imbalances that develop with sport and life
RE-MOVE- Remove the fears of pain & dysfunction

I have had a passion for movement, health, and workouts all my life. I have competed in many endurance competitions including Ironmans, Ultra Marathons and Spartan events. The training for these sadistic events would not have been possible without daily use of proper recovery and muscle activation strategies that are provided at Re-Move.

I am excited to be a part of Re-Move and contribute to the process of not only providing, but also teaching the whens, hows and indications for use of the intentional products that Re-Move provides!

Get out there and RE-MOVE today!


Will Powell, Founder

Will is an entrepreneur and resistance band training specialist. He is the leading all-time wide receiver for the University of South Dakota Coyotes and graduated with a Bachelor of Administration in Finance. After graduating, Will played professional football in Europe for 3 years, then co-founded Podyum, an international football media and recruitment agency. 

Over Will's 12 year football career, he suffered from many injuries, accumulating 7 total microscopic knee surgeries, in addition to an ankle surgery to repair a broken fibula. 

"I founded RE-MOVE because I had to learn how to re-evaluate movement with all of my injuries from football. Lifting heavy weight is not healthy for my body anymore. Warming up, stretching, and massaging muscles are absolutely mandatory for me on a daily basis to keep my body aligned. Our products and movement strategies at RE-MOVE have been designed to solve the biomechanical issues we all face."